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Project Gnarwhal

GNIFTY Rear Lens Cap

GNIFTY Rear Lens Cap

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Camera Mount

The fastest Rear Lens Cap in the West. No twisting, no turning, pop her on one handed, pop her off no handed, whatever you're into. Soft and grippy to the touch, semi-rigid TPE keeps the rear of your lens dust free and protected from impacts, ready to swap on the run.

I designed these 3D printed rear lens caps after finding zero reliable alternatives. I needed caps that could confidently and durably protect my lenses through the abuse I put them through both on and off the mountains, so I designed a cap I could pop off one handed for a lens swap at a moment's notice and never miss the shot.

The GNIFTY Cap currently comes in two sizes: L-Mount and Sony E-Mount (select below).

 **PLEASE NOTE: Due to the manufacturing process of 3D printed items, parts will have cosmetic imperfections. These imperfections DO NOT affect the integrity of the part. Each of our products is tested and inspected before shipping. If we wouldn't protect our expensive camera with the product you purchased, you won't.

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