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Project Gnarwhal

GNIP CLIP (inReach Mini 2)

GNIP CLIP (inReach Mini 2)

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Webbing Placement Size
Keep your inReach right where it should be. in reach.

As the harsh realities of BASE sink in through your years in this sport, the injuries and emergencies piling up around you, it’s more important than ever to acknowledge and use every source of security, tool and preparation required to make it through this harsh environment, and the Garmin inReach proves to be a light in the dark time and time again.

Which is why you never leave home without it.

But your inReach can only do its job if it’s readily accessible at a moments notice on every. single. jump.

Yet the native form factor of the inReach requires you to hook it banging around a carabiner or stashed away in a pocket or bag somewhere. Not anymore dog.

Enter the GNIP CLIP.

Designed to clip onto the 1 inch webbing of your chest strap in two orientations (or your nips, whatever you’re into). Point the antenna towards the sky or invert that bad boy to allow easy access to all functions of your inReach.

The GNIP CLIP is easy to clip yet a tad difficult to remove (by design). The raised logo provides desirable friction against your chest strap to prevent unwanted sliding, while the shark-toothed bevel locks your chest strap from becoming unclipped without your say so.

The design of the GNIP CLIP allows your inReach to be left on your rig at all times (so you don’t forget it. you’re welcome), or clipped and removed on every jump.

Don’t be the guy mangled on the talus, scrambling to find his inReach with his only unbroken limb, buried away in his fanny pack filled with a hundred thousand tailgate rubber bands and a weird printed photoshop photo of someone named Gio; who’s never getting life-flighted out anyways.
 **PLEASE NOTE: Due to the manufacturing process of 3D printed items, parts will have cosmetic imperfections. These imperfections DO NOT affect the integrity of the part. Each of our products is tested and inspected before shipping. If we wouldn't protect our expensive camera with the product you purchased, you won't.
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